Greetings, Friends.


Welcome to Adiantum! I’m Danielle—a nutritionist, holistic health coach, endurance runner and mother. Adiantum is my nutritional coaching practice and I’m deeply devoted to this work of elevating women’s health.

As a certified nutritionist with years of health education in both the traditional and alternative landscapes, I meet you where you are in your dietary journey and teach you how to use food as medicine specific to your needs.

I see each individual as a human being with a unique set of goals, experiences, obstacles and environments. I will hold space for your voice, because your story matters.

Through thoughtful and research-driven analysis, along with incorporated ancient wisdom, I will create personalized nutrition plans and hold empowering conversation that will allow you to discover your most abundant self.      


My Philoshophy + Offerings

I am committed to unearthing your root cause and truthfully guiding you to live in harmony with your body, mind and environment. What you eat and why you eat matters, but that may just be the tip of your iceberg. I wholeheartedly believe the body is infinitely wise, but in a world of barriers and noise, it often isn’t heard. I help you to slow down to listen to its needs and provide the right conditions for healing. My hope is for you to become an agent for your own health.  

I often work with clients who are seeking support in the following areas:


+ Prenatal, pregnancy and postpartum nutrition

+ Supplementation education

+ Elevating athletic performance

+ Hormonal support

+ Detoxification

+ Nutritional support for food sensitivities

+ Improving digestion (and beyond) through the gut brain axis      

+ Developing a simplified clean eating routine

+ Daily practices that enhance your wholeness   


Work with me

My nutrition and health coaching program is based on a month-to-month schedule, where you take the lead. This is for you, and just like the evolution of health is individualized so is the journey toward confident self-sustainability.

With Adiantum you’ll…

+ Find clarity among nutritional haze
+ Learn to hear and trust what your body is telling you
+ Master strategies that simplify clean eating
+ Feel in control, nourished and energized
+ Work alongside a coach who sees and utilizes your strengths

$175 / Month

+ 2 x 50 minute calls per month (phone or video)
+ Unlimited text and/or email in between sessions
+ Endless resources along the way


Get in touch


Eager to get started? Curious if I’m the right fit for you? Please reach out to me with any questions. I look forward to customizing a program based on your personal goals and budget.

Thank you for being here!